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Fireworks, Forensics and Felonies
When Brandy and Jiff get invited to a 4th of July barbecue they don’t bargain for the host and hostess to get blown up only seconds apart but miles away from each other. What does a Schnauzer, a baby squirrel, a motorcycle gang, a homeless man and a million-dollar life insurance policy have in common? Sounds humorous doesn’t it? It’s Brandy’s job to see the connection and solve the crime before one of Jiff’s friends is wrongly accused of murder and faces serious criminal charges in ‘The Big Easy’.

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Granny Vigilante
Fran spent her younger days making bad guys pay for their sins. At 79, those days are long behind her. But then she rents a room to an awkward young man who just happens to be a suddenly-rising detective. Fran finds herself thrust back into the world of crime and punishment. And she loves it. Can Toronto survive now that Fran is back in the game?

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