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Sadistic Teachings in the Church
Have you ever questioned the justice of sentencing a teenage child, who died before placing his faith in Jesus, to the fires of hell; a place producing such painful suffering and agony that will cause him to wail and gnash his teeth throughout the trillions of years of eternity? Does this sound like a just punishment for this teenager’s sixteen years of life on earth? Have you wondered why the loving and merciful Jesus that you have read about in the Gospels would do such a thing?

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Ruins of the Rising Sun
For 5 years author Michael John Grist explored and photographed over 100 of the strangest, most beautiful modern ruins across the length of Japan, from abandoned theme parks to forgotten mountain ghost towns, derelict American military bases, industrial relics from World War 2 and tawdry old love hotels. His adventures kick-started a national craze (known as ‘haikyo’) which led to millions of hits on his website, feature articles in travel books, magazines, national newspapers and a documentary movie.

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