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Fatal Sisters
Rafferty soon discovers Sherm’s just a workaday schmuck earning some extra cash as Manny Hinkston’s bagman, and lying to his wife about it.
But before Rafferty can convince Sherm of the limited future in a gig like that, Sherm has no future at all.
He’s been executed inside a Hinkston whorehouse, and Rafferty was there when it all went down. The cops want to throw the book at Rafferty, but he didn’t kill Sherm; he was just late to the party.
Which quickly becomes standard operating procedure. No matter what he tries, Rafferty’s always one step behind.

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State of Anger
As leader of the Major Crimes Unit, Detective Virgil Jones tackles only the toughest cases in the state, and the one he faces this time has the city of Indianapolis on edge, near the brink of panic. When a team of serial snipers begin using their own personal brand of domestic terrorism, it’s up to Virgil to find out who is responsible for the mysterious killings, and why. But when Virgil gets too close, the hunter becomes the hunted, and one final bullet reveals a truth that will change his life forever.

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