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Back to Africa
While visiting her son Jonathan in prison, Daisy heard a strange story. He’d befriended an old man who was serving a life sentence for a crime he hadn’t committed. Of course every inmate says that, but Johnny-John believed this man’s protestations of innocence and begged his mother to look into it. The facts of the case had taken place in Zambia long ago, when it was a British colony, so Daisy started her investigation among ex-colonials who’d returned to England. However, it soon became clear that the people holding the key to the mystery were still living in Africa, so Daisy took a flight to Lusaka to seek out these witnesses. The truth turned out to be as strange as life in the African bush can be. It slowly emerged from a missionary daughter’s rambling memoir about the long-lost world she grew up in. Daisy had to follow a winding trail, but in the end she was mysteriously led to unexpected revelations.

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Churchill’s Assassin
New Year’s Eve 1964. A young Irishman, Lochran Ryan, is being transported by Special Branch to a secret rendezvous with Sir Winston Churchill. When he arrives, a sniper tries to kill the statesman. But why kill a man who the world knows is dying? This is the first of many questions that Lochran must find the answers to, as he tries to avert a war between England and the Irish Republic. His quest for the truth takes him to New York, London and Moscow, where he encounters the most ruthless of criminal gangs, and Delafury – a one-man execution squad – who warns Lochran that a new force is rising that will change the world. Churchill’s Assassin is the first in The Lochran Trilogy, followed by The Last Rogue and The Alpha Wolves, an epic tale in which the world’s most notorious criminal masterminds gather to strike at the one man who may discover their secret.

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Little Girl Taken Boxset
One year after a terrible tragedy, the coastal town of West Seven is still recovering from its collective trauma. Deputy Lux Bern is a young rookie police officer with a mysterious past. When an opportunity arises to work with a seasoned detective, Lux jumps at the chance. A girl has gone missing, and Lux is personally invested in the teenager’s recovery. Little Girl Lost. When the seventeen-year-old star of the high school softball team vanishes from a small town, the victim’s estranged older sister, Bridget Dubois, returns home in order to find her. The only problem is that Bridget has a reputation, and the locals aren’t pleased by her reappearance. Without anyone to help her, Bridget must find a way to reconnect with her younger sister before time runs out.

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