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World History Trivia Book for Kids
TURN YOUR KINDLE INTO AN INTERACTIVE GAME: Prepare your family for laughter, fun, and learning with this age-appropriate, and interactive trivia e-book! Do you want a fun way to get the whole family laughing and participating in a gadget-free activity? Are you looking for an enjoyable and interactive gift idea that is both educational and encourages learning and social skills? Are you tired of text-heavy trivia books that keep regurgitating common facts? Whatever your motivations are, you’re in good hands! With over 250 mind-blowing facts, this activity book is sure to give every single member of your family a grand time away from screens and gadgets!

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Midlife Momentum: Entering the Second Half of Life With Confidence and Optimism
The prospect of entering your midlife can feel overwhelming and even scary. As you approach a kind of “second adolescence”, it can sometimes feel like the life you’ve always known has taken a sharp turn. But simply understanding what you are going through and why, and realizing that you’re not alone, can afford huge relief. Midlife Momentum delicately addresses one of the lesser-discussed periods of life, examining just what it is that changes and encouraging readers to ease into their later years free of trepidation. Author Matzner Kenan lays out five leading psychological theories on midlife, employing poetry written by poets in their midlife years to analyze its diverse effects and common characteristics. Intelligent and thought out, hopeful and encouraging, this unique book is a gentle push for anyone approaching their midlife to turn change into opportunity.

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How to Stop Being Negative, Angry, and Mean
Do you find yourself fighting negative thoughts and feelings every day? Do you wish there was something you could do to be more positive? Are you tired of being controlled by your emotions? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then you are going to want to keep reading. Negativity is a normal part of life. Nobody can be positive all that time because life isn’t always going to be perfect. That said, sometimes negativity infiltrates our minds and bodies and never leaves. A good day can be ruined by your mind dwelling on something stupid that happened years ago. You sit for hours ruminating over it, and before you realize it, you have wasted a great day. We’ve all had experiences like that, and they suck. Here’s the thing, though; we can’t let that continue to happen. We have to take control of our minds instead of being at the whim of our thoughts and feelings. That’s what this book is here to help you do. It’s no easy feat to stop thought processes you have had your entire life. It will take some work, but with the right tools, you can learn how to rewire your brain so that you are happier and healthier.

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