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Grave Encounters: A Riveting Haunted House Mystery Boxset
Sarah Perrigo just wants to know what happened to her twin sister, Renee Alcott. The suspicious circumstances surrounding her suicide are only made more questionable when her husband, Michael, has her cremated before Sarah or her parents can pay their last respects. Sarah flies from her home state of California to Knoxville, Tennessee, to visit the old estate. After a few ghostly encounters, Sarah becomes obsessed with learning the truth about his family and what happened in Delany Falls. The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion A paranormal phenomenon, a mysterious curse, and an unsolved murder forty years in the making. A young couple moves into their dream home only to find a dark presence lurking from within. For Curtis and Mary, the small town of Redwood, Indiana seems too good to be true. Everything is perfect, including the Victorian mansion they purchased at a great price.

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Levi Clay
After an attempted theft of one of his ranch’s horses, Levi Clay finds himself with blood on his hands and renewed questions about his father’s mysterious death… As he searches for answers in the neighboring town of Masonville, he uncovers a world that’s been warped to serve a brutal gang of outlaws led by one man – Pete Ramsey. Murder. Raids. Corruption. Pete has done it all. But nobody dares to point out the injustices that they have suffered. Speaking up only puts their lives in danger, because… The sheriff and his deputies are on Ramsey’s payroll. As he probes deeper into his father’s death, Levi quickly becomes a target for the evil power he dares to question and his chances of getting out of Masonville alive is looking slim… Until he unexpectedly rediscovers an old friend and unlikely ally – Alice. Alice Ramsey. Pete’s wife. A woman trapped in an abusive marriage.

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