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Flames of Faith
Single dad Rob Jameson’s life revolves around four things: his faith, his daughter Brynn, his job as fire chief, and the rest of his family. Throw in a rookie on the force causing problems and a whole host of issues with Brynn’s mother, and he barely has time to even consider romance. Lexi Grant blazes into town fueled by anger over the wrongful imprisonment of her uncle and the simultaneous loss of her job and apartment. When she stomps into the police station to speak to the detective assigned to the case, she stops short at the sight of her college flame and one great heartbreak. Rob and Lexi’s relationship burned with the feelings they had for one another, but their explosive ending aided by the failure to reckon with their own pasts nearly broke them both. Now, Lexi’s back in Magnolia Island for the foreseeable future and comes face to face with a precocious little girl with her daddy’s eyes. She doesn’t know what to think, but their hearts pull them together the same way they did in college. Can time really heal all wounds, or are there some loves you just never get over?

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Cowboy Dancing All Night
A former major league baseball player, bitter and angry, and a quiet single mom, tired and poor. Single mom Peyton Sinclair came to the town of Sweet Water to raise her son away from the influence of her ex-husband’s mother. She’s happy with her bookstore and bake shop and is not interested in doing anything but making a living and raising her son. Bryce Shaker had been baseball’s highest paid athlete at one point in his career. But his career had gone downhill after a brutal accident left him scarred and bitter. He retired to the old, run-down mansion north of Sweet Water and just wants to be left along – after he gets the six thousand books in the old, crumbling library catalogued. Sweet Water’s matchmakers soon have Peyton at Bryce’s mansion, working on his books, but she barely sees Bryce – until a ghost from his past forces him to ask for her help. On the surface they have nothing in common, but could a friendship forged between this unlikely pair grow into something more?

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