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Stuck With My Ex’s Best Friend
Now I’m stuck in a tiny mountain town, at the mercy of a man who hates my guts — my ex-husband’s infuriatingly attractive best friend… All I got in the divorce was this unfinished ‘cabin.’ The plan was to sell it and move on. A modeling career is useless in the woods, and my savings are nonexistent. But I can’t list the home in this condition. So now I’m living in a construction zone in the middle of a literal forest… Relying on a billionaire architect, who is also my ex-husband’s best friend, and seemingly determined to sabotage the whole thing. Small towns have a way of bringing people together… And suddenly, I’m finding myself attracted to him, wondering if I should stick around here longer… Now I have to make a choice — Follow my head, or risk it all again and follow my heart.

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Honeymoon for One
Dumped by her fiancé six weeks before her Valentine’s Day wedding, Ava goes on her honeymoon alone, hoping to mend her broken heart. But by visiting Verona, the City of Love, her life takes on a completely different direction, especially when she meets the mysterious and handsome Nico Cazale. Will her adventure give her the clarity she’s looking for or lead to more heartbreak? Honeymoon for One is the first book in the HONEYMOON SERIES, which consists of five books based on the same couple. This is a jilted bride, vacation romance based in a small town in Italy. It features a billionaire with a heart of gold, a woman whose heart has been broken, and the serendipitous turn of events which bring these soulmates together.

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Outback Roads
Determined never to trust a man again, Callie Young walks out of her job as a presenter on the weather channel, determined to take the first job that will get her out of the city and away from the Tik Tok video, #wrongforecast, that has kept the world amused. Meeting her new employer, the cranky and bossy owner of Kilcoy Station reinforces her belief that no man can be trusted, but to Callie’s dismay that doesn’t stop the growing attraction to this difficult man. Braden is unimpressed with the glamorous woman the city employment agency sends in response to his desperate ad for a nanny. She’s never been out of the city, barely knows the difference between a bull and a milking cow, and drives a luxury sedan. But she makes him feel things he’d thought were gone for good. Will his sad past, and a guilty secret, protect his heart and ensure Braden denies his growing feelings for Callie?

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