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Long-Term Care
Is Long-Term Care the Elephant in YOUR Room? It’s a huge potential financial challenge for millions of Americans that is all too often swept under the rug, left unresolved, and given little advanced planning. That can change right now! This book squarely addresses both scenarios: when you have the time and good health to plan ahead and when there is no time or good health for planning. It’s an essential guide to help everyone financially prepare for—or navigate long-term care (LTC), including these and much more. Creating TAX-FREE Money for Quality Long-Term Care by Using Provisions of the Pension Protection Act, Tax-Efficient Strategies to Use Your IRA for LTC expenses, Innovations for Financing Long-Term Care to Age in Dignity and Maintain. Your Choices and Independence, Empowering You and Your Family: Resources and Support for LTC Such as Understanding Medicaid, VA Benefits, and Asset Protection Strategies.

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Demystifying Enlightenment
Do you long to know how your loved ones are doing in Heaven? Are you curious about the afterlife? Do you miss your late family members and yearn to ask them about their heavenly existence? Intrigued by the astonishing wisdom of other celestial residents? Dennis Macy, who possesses highly sensitive enhanced abilities, has helped countless individuals by delivering messages from the other side. Now he’s here to provide you with the comfort and understanding that comes from communicating with those who have passed on. Demystifying Enlightenment is a glimpse into what angels, spirits, and our dearly departed want us to know. With answers to the most frequently asked questions entwined with accounts of his real encounters to support them, Macy offers an insight into the world we live in and the one to come. You’ll be prepared to make the right decisions to shape a better future for yourself and others.

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