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The Haunting of Whelan
Val Jones has a promising legal career, but a sketching holiday in the historic former goldrush town of Whelan in the Australian bush sets her on a different path. She has the gift of seeing the ghosts from the town’s glory days, and the local gallery owner persuades her that those visions will help her create saleable art for the visiting tourists. It looks as if Val’s long-buried dream of being a professional artist will come true, especially when a group of powerful women who share her talent for seeing the town’s ghosts are ready to befriend her and share their secrets.

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Rim City Blues
They want Felix Lasko to solve a murder while getting chased by coyotes, one-eyed assassins, and killer robots. He’d say no, but that’s not an option—since they’ll kill him outright if he refuses. Felix had always dreamed of becoming a detective: just not at gunpoint. Besides the hot lead motivation, solving the murder of Jeff Hense will get him a ticket into Neotopia. It’s the last city on the planet with power, and he’s run hundreds of miles only to get stuck outside its blue forcefield dome. He’ll need to get through a brothel-ship wedged into a cliffside, and a gang of violent criminals called the Mayors. All while avoiding instant death by a deadly piece of Tek known only as the Scream Ray.

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Sack of Knives
Reach inside and see what you find. A guardian angel who will protect you at all costs, even if you pay the price? An ancient game with deadly consequences? Or maybe a traveling Halloween show that defies logic even as it eats away at your sanity. In these twenty-three new horror stories by Brandon Faircloth, you’ll find all this and much more. Just be careful–when you finally put it down, you may find that you’ve left some of yourself behind.

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US UK and CA

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