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My Billionaire Cowboy Ranch
The attraction between them is inescapable. And when it turns out that not only Nicholas’ ranch, but their very lives, are in danger, it will take all of Nicholas and Jemma’s newfound faith in one another to survive. Nicholas Arrington left Copper Canyon many years ago and never looked back, going from small-town country boy to respected billionaire tycoon. Over the years, he has gradually become estranged from his family, who badly want him to take over the ranch. But in spite of the estrangement, when Nicholas’ mother calls to say his father has cancer, Nicholas doesn’t hesitate to jump on a plane and head straight home.

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In the Dog House
Ten years ago, Jackson Hardy joined the Marines, leaving behind a woman he still dreams about. When he’s called home to care for his ten-year-old nephew, no one is more shocked than he to run into Emma again. Or to still have those same feelings. But Jackson isn’t looking for love, and neither is Emma, especially not with him. His precocious nephew, though, and a retriever named Bandit, are about to change that. So what if Emma Mercer is an overachiever? She has plans to get her doctorate in psychology and create a no-kill shelter for the EST dogs she trains. Which leaves absolutely no time for romance.

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A Plan to Escape Spinsterhood
Jemina doesn’t want to get married, but she doesn’t want to be a spinster for life either… What’s in between? How can she get away with it? Can the handsome Marquess of Vale change Jemina’s mind?
Jemina is the second daughter of the Earl & Countess of Imry. All her life, although they were supposed to have been a love match, her parents have bitterly argued with each other. Even in public, they bicker constantly. This has put Jemina right off the idea of marriage, and she certainly doesn’t believe in love.

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