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His to Save
Reliable, school teacher Lottie is always on time. ALWAYS. So of course it would happen that the only day she wakes up late is today. The day she has to be on a flight back to her small hometown of Blue Falls to try to rescue the suddenly struggling business her family has spent generations building. A flight she can’t miss and definitely can’t afford to replace.

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Banana Slit
After the tragic death of her Irish twin sister, Bella, Anna needed a radical change. So, she closed her counseling practice in Boston to embark on a new adventure as an ice cream shop owner. Now all she wants is to settle into her new town, attempt to turn her black thumb green, and build her ice cream shop into a community hub that hosts quality entertainment and group gatherings – just like Bella had often fantasized about doing before her fateful boating accident.

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The Gravity Between Us
At just 19, Kendall Bettencourt is Hollywood’s hottest young starlet, with the world at her feet – but behind the glamour and designer dresses is a girl who longs for normal.
Payton Taylor is Kendall’s best friend since childhood, and the one person who reminds her of who she really is – her refuge from the craziness of celebrity life.
With her career taking off, Kendall moves Payton to LA to help keep her sane. But Payton is hiding a secret that could make everything ten times worse. Because to her, Kendall is more than a best friend – she is the only girl that she has ever loved.

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A Summer at Sea
Emily is happy with her life. She has a steady career as a midwife that she loves. She enjoys the freedom of being a single woman. But she can’t help feeling that she could do with a little more excitement in her life.
So when her best friend Rebecca asks whether she’d like to spend the entire summer cooking on a ‘puffer’ boat off the dramatic Scottish coast, she jumps at the chance. A spot of sea air and all that delicious food sounds like a wonderful idea…
But Emily doesn’t expect the kitchen assistant she’s working with to be so jealous and competitive. And she certainly doesn’t expect to meet Alasdair, a handsome and captivating local doctor. Emily tries her best not to notice him. Because if she falls in love with Alasdair, as he appears to be falling for her, she might never want her old life back again…

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US UK and CA

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