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Crystals And Healing Stones
Do you and your loved ones suffer from common ailments, such as upset stomach and fatigue? Or maybe you are up against more profound medical diagnoses, like cancer or heart disease? Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones in good physical health, but you just don’t feel right. You know something is off, but you can’t quite put your finger on it—your inner voice is not quite audible enough for you to interpret the full message.

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Levi’s Living Water
Levi has lost the most important person in his life. Little does he know that Grandpa Walter hasn’t forgotten him… Grandpa W. was the only person who’d ever shown Levi loving care and kindness. Now, at 34 years old, Levi is left to face the challenges of life with nobody to lean on. In an attempt to find something, anything, to remember his grandpa by, Levi stumbles upon an old memento. However, this memento brings up nothing but anger and frustration. It reminds him of the awful experiences he had in church involving judgmental people who only cared about how you acted, not whether you were okay on the inside.

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