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Steamy Romance

The Best of Us
What happens when the biggest blizzard of the year hits and you’re trapped in a cabin with your best friend’s brother? You take every opportunity to spend time together and make him fall in love with you.

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The Complete Blackhill Hall Saga
Caroline Lesage is not what the London Ton is used to – an outspoken, penniless, American orphan of unusual heritage. After a life of being second best, she longs for a simple life and a family of her own. She certainly has no interest in the sort of man whose notoriety and infamy would attract scandal, least of all the worst scoundrel in all England. From the moment he sauntered into her drawing-room, Caroline knew that Lord Lucian Ashford was the most contemptible, shameless rake she had ever set eyes upon, the sort of man that she hoped to stay away from at all costs. But, when a marriage is arranged between her sister and the devilish Earl, Caroline and her family move to summer at the Earl’s sprawling stately manor in the country, where Caroline will be drawn into Lucian’s world, and there, she might just catch the eye of the devil himself.

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Make Me Exist
Valerie’s daughter Charlotte is celebrating her sixth birthday and she’s loving it. Presents, games, and cake! For Valerie, it’s not that simple. Being with her ex-husband and his new wife is always a strain, but not as hard as finding out that you’re not who you think you are. When a group of mysterious men unexpectedly show up at the party, suddenly Valerie’s whole life feels like a lie. Why do they look so familiar? Why do they act like they know her? Stranger yet, why do they have the same startling green eyes as Charlotte?

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