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A child wanders the courthouse hallways alone. She won’t speak. Or, can’t speak. Anna agrees to foster the abandoned girl. But danger lurks in Anna’s past. Just when she thinks that all her striving has finally brought her the life she sought, the past launches itself at her and those she’s come to love. Other forces are after the child. With lives and freedom on the line, can Anna shake the bonds on the past, and stand up for those who mean the world to her?

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The Dark Place
Captain Jesus Garcia of the Spanish Guardia Civil had never entirely believed that he would live to reach his retirement. After three decades of experiencing the worst of humanity, a comfortable state pension is just days away for the man, affectionately known by the younger police officers, as ‘The Inspector’. But when the son of one of the most influential members of his remote town’s secretive community of German nationals goes missing, Garcia finds his tenure extended and he is ordered to direct his suspicion toward a recently arrived resident to the town, a retired British businessman and WW2 veteran. With the feared secret police on their way from Madrid, the pressure is on to find the boy and a culprit. Any culprit.

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