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Her Dark Protector
Britain on the brink. A forbidden romance. The fight for survival. In 2024, Great Britain is a cruel place. Injustice, angst and pain are widespread. Caroline Craness is a hostage to the state because of her gender, judged for her morality and forced into captivity. But Caroline is strong. She’s a fighter, and risks her life to help her friend, only to land in serious trouble. Enter the Commander General–the man in charge of the largest concentration camp since the Second World War. The man who rescues her.

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One Bite at a Time
A dead body that never decays. A magic trick with horrific consequences. An apartment with a…unique roach problem. Finding a serial killer’s cell phone. Visiting a childhood friend who insists you really must see what’s in a nearby tunnel. This book contains twenty-five terrifying new horror stories by Brandon Faircloth, all of them short enough to be enjoyed a bite at a time…if you’re able to put them down at all.

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Australia knows the secret behind the outbreak, the scourge of the twenty-first century. That secret exacts a heavy toll upon the country and its residents. Ascending from the ravaged wastelands of the red centre in the form of a young man, is their possible saviour. But first he must face the monsters within and without to take his place among the pariahs of the doomed continent.

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