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Steamy Romance

Under the Cherry Blossoms
It may have begun as a drunken attempt at a virtual booty call, but when Ben Mackinnon sets his sights on the intentionally lovelorn, Skye Emery, he pulls out all the stops in an attempt to convince her that romantic ideals like soulmates and forevers really do exist. Skye doesn’t want to believe a word. But try as she might, she can’t help but catch feelings for the sexy, reformed ladies-man. It’s his corny sense of humor that does it—along with his self confidence, and of course, his very dirty mouth.

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Head down, eyes peeled for any opportunity to get off the dead-end course my mother carelessly paved for me years ago. My plan takes a sharp turn landing me directly across the hall from Creekwood’s resident bad boys. The three streetbike riding misfits are as stubborn as they are sexy. And they. Are. Sexy. Especially the one with the mocha swirl eyes watching my every move. But even the six-foot hallway separating us can’t keep the overbearing trio from constantly getting in my way.

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Resisting the Firefighter
To most people Tate Thompson is a catch. Good looking, funny and a firefighter who has saved plenty of lives. But to Ruby he spells danger. Still grieving for the loss of her dad, who was also a firefighter and died in the line of duty, there’s no way she can go through that kind of pain again. Except her insides melt when she’s in Tate’s arms. Maybe she should take a chance on him? Firefighting is in Tate’s blood and he’s never let anything get between him and his job. Until he meets Ruby.

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