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Mahu Investigations 1-3
This gripping, action-packed box set introduces intrepid, handsome police detective Kimo Kanapa’aka. Kimo wants nothing more than to protect and serve his beloved, lush Honolulu–and he’s just nabbed his dream job as a detective on the police department’s homicide squad.
He handles treacherous drug busts, goes undercover to discover who’s killing surfers on Oahu’s North Shore, and battles a dangerous bomber. So… life should be perfect, right? But, as the series begins, Kimo has a secret that’s about to burst into the open: he’s a closeted gay man. Author Plakcy carefully weaves Kimo’s personal journey into a smoldering police procedural thriller, striking a rare balance of hard-boiled and soft-hearted.

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No Dibs on Murder
Tanner Fritz has it all—he’s good-looking, well-liked, fabulously wealthy, and has a beautiful wife. He’s a veritable well of goodwill and happiness. So why do his four best friends want him dead? Each of them believes they have a genuine reason—he stole Marty’s wife, swindled Carson out of a fortune, caused Barry’s traumatic brain injury, and… well, no one is exactly sure why Serena wants to kill him. The foursome’s grievances quickly escalate into something truly terrifying, planning Tanner’s murder—only to run into a seemingly insurmountable hitch. Who actually gets to do the deed? Who has suffered the most at his hands?

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