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SciFi and Fantasy

Ophelia Banner knows something’s wrong with her. Cursed to experience others’ emotions and steal their secrets, she longs to feel normal. But after a charming golden-eyed stranger claims her ability is a potent gift, she’s haunted with more questions than answers… Elias Kraus is desperate to end the hidden 3,000-year war that claimed the life of his parents. Close to organizing a summit to unite his allies, he’s shocked when a chance meeting with a woman reveals she’s his fated other half. But though he’s immediately captivated by the young beauty, he fears the prophecy foretelling doom for humanity if the couple dares to mate.

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The Matildas
Brilliant. Ambitious. A great detective. Matilda Garrigan is none of these in The Matildas, a quirky, clean sci-fi mystery with duplicates, duplicity, and an amateur sleuth in way over her head. Tiny book publisher Mitotic Press takes novels from one Earth and publishes them on a parallel Earth, thanks to a portal in a basement conference room. They’re a team of book thieves with a pretty sweet (and very secret) business–until someone anonymously threatens to reveal Mitotic’s portal to both Earths.

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