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The Estate Hauntings Boxset
In a small town, rests a hallowed estate shrouded in secrecy…

Mystery and horror surround a long-abandoned estate, seemingly forgotten by the town. What was thought to be a new beginning for Julia soon devolves into an endless nightmare of hidden secrets and a troubled past best left unturned.

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US UK and CA

Suitors for the Proper Miss
Miss Lucy Standish has wanted to marry a future duke for as long as she could remember. Days in the cold, with little coal for their small cottage and little to eat, she would dream of the days she saved all her sisters with a marriage to a man of such elevated title that they would never be poor again, that her children and their children forever would be cared for. Mr. Conor Sullivan has never overstepped the lines of propriety. He does everything he can to treat Miss Lucy with respect. But his heart is overcome with love for the middle Standish sister, and he assumes he will spend his dying breath still wishing she were his.

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US UK and CA

Luck of the Witch
When Tempest Crypt’s not chasing demons outside her home of Willow Tree Falls (a place of magic stones and mystical thermal spas,) she’s running her bar and avoiding eye contact with the gorgeous leader of the biker gang. Things turn dark when her sister, Aurora, is arrested for the murder of Deacon Feathers, a front-runner in the local mayoral election. Tempest must go head to head with Angel Force, the bumbling group of angels who keep the peace, to save her sister. With too many suspects, too little time, and a troublesome demon of her own to keep in check, she has her back against the wall.

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US UK and CA

Unspoken Words
From 1942 to 1944 I was what some called a Jew killer. Though, I have never hurt a soul, I was responsible for separating Jewish families, ensuring they would never see each other again. Those who were sick, were sent to their death … by me because I was forced to follow the enemy. The war stole my right of beliefs, my goals for a future, my left arm, and the love of my life.

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US UK and CA

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