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Hope Springs Eternal
For 36-year-old Susannah Eversoll, starting over after her husband’s suicide, not to mention betrayal, is what she feels the need to do. So she arranges for herself and her grown daughter, Melissa, to become mail-order brides farther west in the town of Hope Hollow, Oregon. But Susannah will be starting over in more ways than she planned. Although he is kind and caring, David didn’t tell her that his children are young and exhaustingly unruly. And when pushed to her breaking point, a freak accident wipes away her memory. Who is she? Who are these people? Where does she belong?

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US UK and CA

Stroke of Midnight
Keisha Gamble, a Silicon Valley CEO forced to take a leave of absence, would rather kiss a snake than go on a blind date. Doesn’t matter that her BFF harangued Keisha into submission. Keisha has more important things to do on her LOA. Like iron her socks and underwear. Darcy King existed in a coma for six months following a near-fatal car accident. And he has the battered, eerie face to prove it. Dumped by his fiancée for his equine-vet partner, he’s down on women. He agrees under duress to a blind date with Keisha. He figures he’s entitled to a streak of masochism.

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US UK and CA

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