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Steamy Romance

One Month Only
I’m a billionaire, I’m a chaser, I’m a wolf. I worked too hard to get where I am now, so I don’t need any distractions, especially the one called LOVE. Don’t get me wrong, I love women, but all I need to do to get laid is to show my Amex Black Card and let them hear my Italian accent and here we go: a one-night stand guaranteed. Everything worked just fine for me until a chance meeting with her—Angelica Sorreno—when she came back into my life. She is like a strong, terrifying tsunami that blows everything in its way.

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Between the Sheets 5-in-1 Collection
Genie Sharpe decides to carry out her best friend Ciara’s bucket list after she dies in a bomb blast. She’s happy for Ciara’s big brother Niall to join in, but as things get heated, she realizes she can longer keep their relationship a secret between friends, and that’s going to cause all kinds of problems…

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Dragon’s Devotion
Alana Egall never fit in with her dragon clan or with other humans like her. Caught between two worlds, yet belonging to neither, she’s shocked when her dragon family summons her home. She’s immediately confronted by her stepbrother, a purist jerk, who doesn’t hide his disgust for her heritage. When Klass, the new clan leader, steps in to make her stepbrother leave her alone, she starts to wonder if she might belong with the dragons after all. Kladd’s touch sets her body on fire. But she’s not sure if she’s ready to leave her life behind for him.

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