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The Devil’s Noose
Epidemiologist Leigh Austen can’t shake her lasting guilt. As the sole survivor of her team’s encounter with the Black Nile virus, Austen is tormented with memories of her colleagues’ horrific deaths. But when an unknown pathogen annihilates an entire Asian village, she must bury the nightmares and step up to help prevent a worldwide epidemic. Joined by doctors, specialists, and a retired special-forces officer, Austen travels to the hot-zone epicenter a mile beneath the city’s surface. But with a crazed microbiologist and a former Soviet soldier after the dangerous organism, this scientist’s fight to save millions of lives could quickly cost her own…

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The Girl Who Came Back
When six-year-old Olivia Adams disappeared from her back garden, the small community of Stoneridge was thrown into turmoil. How could a child vanish in the middle of a cosy English village? Thirteen years on and Olivia is back. Her mother is convinced it’s her but not everyone is sure. If this is the missing girl, then where has she been – and what happened to her on that sunny afternoon? If she’s an imposter, then who would be bold enough to try to fool a child’s own mother – and why?

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