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Small Town Secrets
The disappearances of multiple young girls within the span of a week thrusts a small town into panic.

After a child is abducted at a local supermarket, Macy, an uncompromising yet isolated detective, dives deep into the secrets of the small town where nothing is as it seems. It’s only a matter of time before the kidnapper strikes again, and the sands of the hourglass have already started sifting away.

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US UK and CA

Centaur of the Crime
Kidnapped to a world of magic, can Dayna Chrissie use forensic science to solve a royal murder…before centaurs and humans plunge headlong to war? C.S. Lewis meets CSI when Dayna Chrissie, the LAPD’s best crime scene analyst, finds a golden medallion on a body that’s been unceremoniously dumped at a construction site. At first, she doesn’t think the find’s that unusual. Until that medallion’s enchantment transports her to the magical world of Andeluvia.

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US UK and CA

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