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SciFi and Fantasy

The Hound of Hell
Renault has pledged his deadly skills and mortal life to the Brotherhood. Even centuries after King Arthur’s demise, when the Merlin orders him to lead a rescue mission, he armors up without hesitation. Yet this cunning warrior did not predict his assignment would be a vicious fight to the death. Aboard a speeding train with his men by his side, a shocking betrayal throws Renault off guard and jeopardizes the entire crusade. And with an old foe intent on claiming his head, he fears the forces of their combined enemies may finally outmatch his knights.

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One bite changed my whole life. Until that fateful moment, no one told me I descended from an ancient legacy of wolves. Determined to keep my family safe, I enter the Wolf Blood Academy, but acceptance isn’t official until I pass their initiation. A series of challenges meant to discover my rank among the classes. With my genetics, the tests should be easy, but I haven’t had years of training like the others.

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