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Steamy Romance

Twenty years famous and facing ruin… I’m gambling everything on my band’s Resurrection Tour. And praying my golden voice holds out. First, my hell-raising reputation needs the mother of all makeovers. I’ve handpicked my biographer, Elizabeth Winston. All this stubborn academic has to do is write down what I tell her. Not pry my secrets loose. Or encourage the good guy struggling to get out. Having an affair was supposed to quench the attraction, instead I’m throwing gasoline on the fire. Now I’m falling in love for the first time in my life. I could be her better man. But that would mean telling her the truth. And once this, preacher’s daughter knows who I really am? I’ll lose her.

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In Search of Solace
Pain and anguish dominated Myrtle’s life. Forced to take things into her own hands, she disappeared into the Kentucky mountains, shrouded in darkness with only the little she could squeeze inside a bag. Days—and hundreds of miles—later, in a different kind of tough spot, Myrt finds herself rescued by a woman who seems too good to be true. Ignoring Myrt’s bruising and desperation, Vanna offers both a place to stay and a hand up.

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Sailing With Her Wolf
Wolf shifter, Marley Gerwulf, was protective of her human best friend, Zara York. Their friendship dated back to their sophomore year in high school. Throughout the years they had been glued to each other’s hip, experiencing life together. When Zara broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Marley suggested a three-week girls trip, sailing the Pacific Ocean. It would help her friend clear her mind and celebrate her newly found single life.

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