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The 7E Solution to Burnout
If you are experiencing burnout, you are not alone. Many high-achievers do not realize that they are burning out until it is too late. Burnout, you see, is not something that happens overnight, but gradually. When the workload is excessive and you feel like there is too much to do in the allotted time with the resources available, you experience anxiety, stress and irritability in the struggle to complete your work. When you are NOT able to get the job done in time, you are more likely to stay late, work overtime, and take work home to complete. This “over-commitment” to your job robs you of personal time and you end up feeling guilty about not spending time with your family or taking time for yourself. Without proper recovery, you will inevitably burn out.

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Eliminate Your Debt
We hear it all the time on the news – being debt-free is impossible, we have to settle and make peace with the fact we’ll live paycheck to paycheck for the rest of our lives. Who are they kidding? The fact that Western society normalizes debt does not mean you have to lead your life drowning under credit card sums, bills, loans and unsurmountable expenses.

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