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The Haunting of the Midwife
When the Maples family arrives in the small mountain town of Roster, Colorado, they’re convinced it will be the perfect place to raise their newborn daughter. But their dream home turns into a living nightmare when an otherworldly power abducts their child. With local authorities convinced the Maples are crazy, the frightened parents turn to Lindsy and Mike Foster, a team of paranormal investigators who seek to uncover the truth behind the haunting.

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Southern Hearts Series: Books 1 – 4
A year after a tragic accident in Los Angeles flipped her world upside down, advertising guru Sarah Beth LeClair is still hiding away in her charming hometown of Oxford, Mississippi. And she may well be stuck there forever. Suffering from panic attacks, she prays for healing. Instead, her answer comes in the form of an arrogant football coach and an ugly puppy. Former celebrity college quarterback Jess McCoy dreamed of playing pro football. One freak hit destroyed his chances. Although he enjoys his work as the university’s offensive coordinator, his aspirations have shifted to coaching at the highest level. His plans of moving up are finally coming together—until he falls for a woman who won’t leave town.

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Blood and Snow
Vampires? Magic? I didn’t believe in fairy tales. That was my first mistake. My name is Snow White. At the Academy, I’m the butt of jokes and the klutz no one wants to date until Chace Charming walks into my life and changes everything. Now I’m different. Now I let a complete stranger drink my blood. Not only that, but the vampire queen wants to claim me as her next victim, and the only way to stop her is to become something not quite human.

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The Pinebox Vendetta
The Gallaghers and Pruitts have dominated the American political landscape dating back to Revolutionary times. The Yale University class of 1996 had one of each, and as the twenty-year reunion approaches, the families are on a collision course. Owen Gallagher is coasting to the Democratic nomination for president. Rock Pruitt — the brash maverick whose career was derailed two decades ago by his association to a tragic death — is back, ready to reclaim the mantle of clan leader.

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US UK and CA

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