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Steamy Romance

Outlasting After
There were no women left. He was sure of it. After the war, Cole Tanner was pretty damn certain they were all dead. Hell, he and his strike team hadn’t seen one in years. But then there she was. A woman. All alone, standing in the middle of the road. His road. She looked so haunting. So hungry and dirty, and well… vulnerable. He was going to help her, really he was. And for a split second, he wondered just how she’d survived.

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Called by the Bear
Carly never thought she was destined for greatness, but a strange dream starts a chain reaction that propels her into the secret world of werebear, where she finds love, danger and the warrior within. Who up and moves from California to Maine based on a recurring dream? No one who’s thinking straight—but that’s what I convinced my best friend, Sierra, we should do. Did I mention that dream includes smoking-hot guys? Or that we both have tattoos nobody else can see?

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Invincible Diversity
Eight unique and unusual love stories that tackle the tough issues we face every day – racial acceptance or intolerance, whether black, brown, red or yellow, differing religious views, sexuality, family and social values, and so much more. But whatever struggle they face, whether it’s alone or aided by friends and family, they’re each INVINCIBLE in their diversity, staying strong and pushing through.

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