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The Kremlyov Infection
American CIA operatives in the Soviet Union are dying. One by one, they fall ill and perish, all exhibiting the same frightening symptoms: weakness, vomiting, hair loss, hemorrhage, death. Eventually, the cause of death becomes clear: assassination by radiation poisoning. Somehow, the KGB has learned the identities of American operatives and are eliminating them. Without knowing the source of the leak and who has been compromised, CIA Director Aaron Stallings has little choice but to utilize his most secret black ops agent, Tracie Tanner.

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Boise Longpig Hunting Club
When you want someone found, you call bounty hunter Jake Halligan. He’s smart, tough, and best of all, careful on the job. But none of those skills seem to help him when a shadowy group starts taking his life apart piece by piece. First Jake comes home to find a dead body in his gun safe. He thinks it’s a warning—and when you drag people back to jail for a living, the list of people who want to send that kind of message is very long indeed. With backup from his sister Frankie, an arms dealer and dapper criminal, Jake plunges into the Idaho underworld, confronting everyone from brutal Aryan assassins to cops who want his whole family in jail.

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Kin or Country
Civil war is drawing closer. A fierce political battle engulfs a once-in-a-lifetime referendum. Is a new era about to begin? Israel, 2048. The Ultra-Orthodox now form the majority among Israeli Jews. The country has changed rapidly in recent years to reflect their religious values and the new status quo. On the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the state a referendum is called to decide whether to separate into two independent nations: one religious, the other secular.

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