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Moving Target
As a former federal agent, Porter does his best work outside the law. So when his friend from the FBI calls in a favor with a hefty reward, Porter heads straight for the heart of the Appalachians. Since by-the-books tactics failed to bring home an agent’s abducted daughter, Porter gets free reign to crack skulls and take names while the agency looks the other way. Deep in the heart of the mountains, Porter matches wits and muscle with rowdy bikers, money-hungry dealers, and a vicious Mexican cartel. As the chase for the kidnappers kicks into high gear, he’ll need to strike fast to secure his payday… and save the hostage’s life.

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Summer Heat, Frozen Corpse, and Wicked
Talking to ghosts is a secret, but when a sorceress catches her in the act, Mandy Rowling’s world turns upside down. Sara Abe, a detective and a local sorceress discovers Mandy’s ability. Sara asks Mandy to teach her how to speak to ghosts. A group of tourists on the Midsummer Spooky Tour found a frozen body in a bamboo forest. But the body was not part of the tour. The big question: How did someone freeze to death in the middle of summer? The bigger question: Where is the ghost?

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US UK and CA

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