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Hide and Seek
Self-deception is common and universal, and the cause of most human tragedies. Of course, the science of self-deception can help us to live better and get more out of life. But it can also cast a murky light on human nature and the human condition, for example, on such exclusively human phenomena as anger, depression, fear, pity, pride, dream making, love making, and god making, not to forget age-old philosophical problems such as selfhood, virtue, happiness, and the good life. Nothing, in the end, could possibly be more important.

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Pandemic Perceptions from Around the World
The way we see the world, what we choose to focus on, creates the reality we live in. In the midst of a global pandemic we look at how different perceptions are dependent on where we live and how we view the situation. Join us on the journey into insights from around the world while we read the perceptions of twenty-one different authors from Hawaii to South Africa. These authors explore the ups and downs that this global crisis has brought upon them. Each one ends their stories with a thread of hope to keep us going.

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