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In 2064, that’s exactly what happened. When women started outnumbering men 7 to 1, panic spread like wildfire. Women’s rights were revoked and abortions enforced under federal law. Violent riots shook the streets of Washington D. C. and a nation-wide revolution began. Five years later, in the desolate wastelands of a once prosperous America, a colony of female survivors resides within the safety of an old penitentiary turned into a blooming garden—a haven known as Eden where only one rule protects them all: women may enter, but men are forbidden.

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US UK and CA

Adair is a young journalist living in London. Overshadowing his childhood is his father, Doctor Brown’s obsession with a medical conspiracy. Fearing for his life the doctor flees to a remote Scottish island, leaving his two sons behind wondering whether their father is deluded, insane or actually telling the truth. May be read as a standalone.

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US UK and CA

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