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The Ryder Quartet E-reader Boxset
Four hot crime thrillers in a single boxset. Each volume is also separately available in paperback, on Kindle or as an audiobook. Although they are independent stories, together they form an overall cohesive narrative. Detective Jeremy Ryder and his colleagues pursue heinous criminals into the depths of the criminal underworld. Hundreds of five-star reviews of the individual volumes testify to their reputation as action-packed thrillers steeped in authenticity and plausibility, reflecting the real world of police encounters with the dark world of crime.

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The Traveler
Detective Sumiko Christie has her work cut out for her. Before the two victims died, they both reported seeing a ghost. And it gets stranger. Both victims died from fear. Christie is no expert in the paranormal. And after the last one, Eddie isn’t ready for a case this dangerous. After that shootout at the Supernatural Corral, who needs a ghost serial killer?

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US UK and CA

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