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Since we receive a lot of emails with the same questions, this may help you out:

Do I have to be a part of Prime/Kindle Unlimited to use this service?

No. Free and discounted books are available to anyone who has an amazon account. Kindle Unlimited users may be able to download certain discounted books for free via their Kindle Unlimited plan.

How much does it cost?

Our service is free. You only pay for the discounted books if you choose to purchase them on Amazon.

Do I need an Amazon account to use this service?

Yes. We provide daily notifications to our users but all processing and orders happen through Amazon.

How does this site work?

RobinReads works with authors to promote their books. By running a free promotion, the author’s books will climb the rankings through Amazon’s sales algorithm. This benefits the author by providing a short term boost to book sales when the promotion has ended. This benefits you because you are able to take advantage of these discounted prices and add a few free books to your library.

Why are the deals expired?

Our deals only last 24 hours before we retire them for fresh deals!

I keep receiving the emails too late. All my deals are expired.

We send out our email every day at 10am. You should receive it between 10am-1pm every day. If your email is late (Yahoo/AOL can take a while to deliver email) then send us a message at [email protected] and we can help you out!

This book says FREE but it’s really $2.99? Why the switch?

We can only guarantee that books are free at the time of posting. The authors and Amazon have the right to change the price at any time or end their free promotion. We do our best to change the price ASAP but you should always double check before downloading! If you see a book that is no longer discounted, please email us and we can fix it!

All I see is the sign up form. Where are the free books?

Scroll down to view the free books!

I am an author and want to promote my book.

You can sign up for a promotion here: click here

Are you Amazon?

No, we are not Amazon. Any problems you experience with Amazon needs to be handled through their customer support. Once you click on a link to a specific book you are on Amazon’s turf. We are an affiliate member with Amazon as noted in the disclaimer below each page.

What if I accidentally purchase a book that wasn’t free?

You should always make sure that the price of the book reads 0.00 before downloading. We try our best to remove books when they are no longer free but sometimes you guys wake up earlier or stay up later than us. If you happen to buy a book you can easily get a refund on amazon by clicking the refund link. If you do get a refund please do not leave any negative comments or reviews as this issue was not the fault of the author.