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SciFi and Fantasy

Discounted BookThe Golden Scarab of Balihar
The fate of a kingdom rests in the hands of a servant with no power but her will. In a kingdom surrounded by the ever-flowing sands of ancient Persia, Zahra dreams of attending the sultan’s lavish events rather than serving at them. Until she crashes headlong into the mysterious prince. Then she just dreams of the prince. Too bad she has no poise, position, or charm to catch his eye. To win his affection would take a miracle. Or magic. When Zahra interrupts a love spell meant for the vizier’s daughter, the prince falls for her instead. Her wish has come true, but now the furious vizier wants her head. Fleeing for her life, Zahra seeks the mythical Golden Scarab of Balihar, desperately hoping the power of the jinni within can shield her from his vengeance. But when she learns the extent of his plan, she’ll have to decide whether to save herself, her prince, or the entire kingdom.

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Discounted BookThe Ghost of the Wicked Crow
All his life, Ian Wilder’s heart belonged to one person—his next-door neighbor and best friend Penelope Archer. To him, they match like the last two puzzle pieces across an infinite, jigsaw universe. When tragedy strikes, Ian cracks and succumbs to a spiraling state of walking catatonia. But a strange substitute teacher reveals a truth to him—infinite realities exist across a multiverse. Stranger yet, he needs Ian’s help to prevent a similar tragedy in an alternate reality filled with blood-thirsty pirates. Can Ian solve his emotional problems with the multiverse at his fingertips? Or will he only fracture his psyche and family even further?

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