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Steamy Romance

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Kyle and I…we always seemed inevitable. After getting kicked out of my house at sixteen, my boyfriend Kyle’s family took me in. And the two of us, with his brother at the helm and two other friends, formed Intent to Murder, a hard rock band with dreams of a bright future. We play local bars and gain a small following but never get off the ground. When one of our band members dies of an overdose, everything changes. I’ve been ignoring the fact that Kyle and I aren’t yin and yang, meant to complement and fulfill each other; we’re oil and water, destined to never mix. Together, we’re volatile. So when we finally recruit Wolf, an older man who plays guitar, to replace our deceased friend, the band starts to heal. We become better than before. Meanwhile, I figure out Kyle’s not right for me. That doesn’t mean Wolf is, either…but he seems to get me, to understand what makes me tick. And I find myself dreaming about his chiseled body. Thinking about him all the time. Finding ways to share stolen moments with him. It doesn’t matter that he’s probably not the right guy, either. And when we finally kiss, he tells me he’s too old for me. He’s not boyfriend material. He wouldn’t treat me right. But I don’t believe him.

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