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Discounted BookTravels with Geoffrey
This light and lively travel memoir chronicles a lifetime of humorous and hair-raising travel misadventures. Join this family for a fun romp through life as they encounter more than their fair share of strife and scrapes around the globe. They stumble through Canada, Europe, Southeast Asia and Oman, flinging sausages and car parts, evading jails, abduction and wild creatures. Will they continue to survive the perils, despite their satnav’s suicidal tendencies and Geoffrey’s dubious driving? Travels with Geoffrey is an engaging travel narrative full of madcap adventures and is perfect for fans of Beth Haslam, Marjory McGinn and Tony James Slater.

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Discounted BookAusome Parenting
As a fellow autism parent, I understand those sleepless nights spent worrying about the future. I know the heartache when your child struggles with bullies or meltdowns. But I also recognize your child’s unique strengths and capabilities. In “Ausome Parenting,” I invite you to join me in shifting the narrative. This is not a story of hardship, but of hope. Of forging a profound connection with your wonderful child. Of nurturing their growth in an environment of unconditional love and acceptance.

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Discounted BookThe Leadership Evolution
The one thing leaders have in common is they aren’t the most self-aware people. Many studies and surveys show that 84% of American workers say poorly trained managers create a lot of unnecessary work and stress and that managers could benefit from training on how to become a better manager. Oftentimes, the leaders we remember believing in us, supporting us, and consistently showing up for us are the ones who become our models and mentors. This is because we are not just talking about any other leader here. We are talking about highly effective, and possibly transformative, leaders who made such a difference in our lives and how we feel about ourselves and our contributions that we think of them years later. These are the leaders that bring out the best in us. They believe in us. They show us what can happen when we feel genuinely connected to and valued in the workplace. We are engaged, motivated, and committed.

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