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The Haunting of Jacob Shepherd
The world thinks that Jacob Shepherd can speak to the dead. He can’t. For years, he has gotten by through deception and intuition. When hired to clear a country estate of angry spirits, Jacob sees it as a great opportunity for a much-needed getaway with his six-year old daughter Grace. But relaxation turns to terror as Jacob and Grace are pulled into a web of lies, betrayal, murder, and very angry ghosts. The Haunting of the Wilson Estate. A riveting new haunted house mystery that will keep you guessing until the end! Desperate for cash and a new start on life, Willow takes a job as a live-in gardener at a secluded mansion in a small town. As Willow tries to make the best of the situation, she discovers the house is inhabited by ghosts, and they aren’t happy with the mansion’s new occupants.

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US UK and CA

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