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The Haunting of Redwood Grove
Step into the shadowy halls of Redwood Grove, where twins Samantha and Donna are ensnared in a web of secrets and danger in their enigmatic inheritance. Amidst ghostly whispers and unseen threats, they must unravel a chilling mystery to outwit a hidden enemy. This supernatural thriller invites you into a world of dark secrets and deadly legacies, where every corner whispers a new terror.

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TWO HEARTS SURRENDERED. Will the Memory Of A Past Night Of Enchantment Be Strong Enough Magic For A Wounded Warrior Pilot To Finally Surrender His Heart To The Woman He Loves? Luke Bryant and Kelly Callahan met on the beach at Dragonfly Pointe when they were only kids. And ever since thirteen-year-old Luke saved six-year-old Kelly from drowning, they’ve felt an undeniable connection. But Luke has a tarnished past, and despite his attraction to Kelly when they’re growing up, he just doesn’t think he’s good enough for her. When Luke comes home on leave from the Air Force, Luke and Kelly finally share an enchanting night of passion. They simply can’t help themselves–they’ve loved each other nearly their entire lives. When Luke eventually returns home from Iraq as a disheartened wounded warrior, even though he appears to want nothing to do with her, Kelly refuses to give up on him. It’s not about his looks, or his past–it’s all about the connection they’ve shared since they were kids. Fate has always meant for them to be together–she’s sure of it.

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What is Forgiven
Anna Klein is faced with tough choices about her future. Her plum job working as a translator for Captain Henry Cooper, one of the American Monuments Men, means she has a house and an income, as well as hands-on access to some of the world’s most precious art. But her life is falling apart on all fronts: her family is displaced, the boy in her care is being sought by authorities, and she must resolve to finally end her marriage. When she realizes that someone has tampered with two important paintings taken from a Jewish collector—paintings she was charged with safeguarding—Anna is determined to solve the crime. But without hard evidence and no motive, she can prove nothing and as State Department big wigs threaten to shut down the Monument Men’s operation, she and her boss are under special scrutiny. As all signs begin to point to an inconvenient suspect in the crime, she has to play it by the book to keep her job and return the art to its rightful owner, if she can find him.

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Emotional Beauty and the Limits of Human Intelligence
Human intelligence is all we need to be able to cure cancer, colonize Mars and establish peace and prosperity for all. But what happens when it feels better to behave impulsively, emotionally instead of using our smarts? Finding the motivation to cure cancer is hard for someone specializing in partying, watching sports or playing video games. Animal behavior is largely guided by emotion. We inherited our emotional foundation from our distant evolutionary ancestors. But our more recent ancestors developed a brave new means of controlling our behavior—a high level of intelligence. So now we have two separate sources of behavioral control? If your behavior is like a car being operated by two different drivers, what are the odds it won’t end up in a ditch? If this situation isn’t bad enough, we’re having so many little problems – like making correct change or forgetting to set the alarm – that we are busily inventing artificial intelligence to do our thinking for us. Emotional Beauty and the Limits of Human Intelligence explores the behavior of animals and people by contrasting wants versus needs. Sometimes our emotional desires strengthen our efforts by reinforcing what we know we should be doing. But often (more often?) we respond to desire even when it conflicts with what we know we ought to do, like eating those dangerous donuts, downing too many light beers, or putting urgent tasks off till later. And then there are the really dangerous things like driving while intoxicated, committing theft, rape, murder, starting a war or cheating on your income taxes.

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Love’s Many Guises: A Comedic Dance
Will true love conquer deception, or will the villains have the last word? In the Regency era’s glittering society, the Earl of Sheffield, Peter Mellingham, witnesses his cousin’s murder and becomes a target himself. To escape the killers, he adopts a daring disguise as Cynthia Meadows, his best friend’s younger sister. As Peter and his loyal friend Brendon journey to Worthing for the transformation, the villains are never far behind. Meanwhile, Cynthia’s heart races with fear while also finding unexpected love in the form of Miss Elsbeth Palfrey. Complications arise when Lady Palfrey intends to marry her daughter, Beth, to the enigmatic Lord Standsberry. Unbeknownst to them, Standsberry is behind the murder and more. Peter creates a secret admirer to court Beth, but his true identity remains hidden, leading to a humorous mix-up of hearts and intentions. In a comedic dance of mistaken identities and romantic entanglements, the characters weave in and out, attempting to unravel who is who and what is what.

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