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Chasing Victory
A murdered scientist. A lethal weapon. A race to protect humankind. Brilliant geneticist Victory Winters has devoted her career to helping people conquer disease. So with her cutting-edge DNA work in high demand, she’s determined to keep it from falling into the wrong hands. But when she witnesses the cold-blooded murder of her colleague, she fears for her life and flees the scene of the crime. Undercover Naval officer Tristan Farraday is convinced a massive biotech firm is dirty. But when his key insider is killed and the one eyewitness vanishes, he must work fast before the trail disappears.

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US UK and CA

Dan “Three Hands” Roberts
Solitary and legendary shooter Dan “Three Hands” Roberts learns about a tragedy on a wanted poster – the Barber Boys are wanted for the deaths of two men and a house burned to ashes. The victims? Dan’s father and brother. It was a twisted revenge served cold by the Barber Boys after Dan killed Wes Barber, one of the gang members, in a fair duel. But Dan’s mother and sister have managed to flee, and it is up to Dan to protect his surviving kin. The Barber Boys, merciless brothers with a mining fortune, will put anyone in the ground if they stand in their way of making money, drinking whisky and terrorizing women.

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US UK and CA

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