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A totally gripping thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Max Donovan, a man who uses his knowledge of far-flung corners of the earth and a fair bit of muscle to ‘fix things’, is relaxing by the sea in Senegal. But his much-needed holiday after a botched operation in Malaysia, where he broke more than he fixed, is abruptly interrupted when a man is knifed on the beach. When Donovan makes chase, the killer steals his car. Not a wise move. Donovan is now motivated to hunt him down. His curiosity has got the better of him, anyway. His adversary is a hitman who has travelled to Senegal to fix a few things of his own. No stranger to danger, he is closing in for another kill. The thrilling game of cat-and-mouse that ensues leaves the busy markets and bars of Dakar and heads into tropical forests and arid savannah, where poachers, smugglers, crocs, and lions, are all waiting to pounce. Will Donovan get his man or has he met his match? WITH TOOTH AND NAIL is the second standalone thriller in the Max Donovan adventures series. Look out for the first book, ONE BEATS THE BUSH. Also available with Kindle Unlimited and in paperback is the author’s thriller MURDER MOUNTAIN.

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US UK and CA

Helix Trinity: Four Cardinal Cities
Tragedy strikes plunging Colonel Nathan Helix into a crucible of terrifying choices where the line between humanity and Artificial Intelligence blurs. Ebola has resurfaced twenty years after its last deadly rampage across the planet and the source is perilously close to home. In a tragic twist of timing Prime Minister Janet Archer and her cabinet fall victim to the outbreak. Helix and Archer have history. She wanted him to succeed his murdered mentor as Cardinal General for London. He declined, but this time she’s not taking no for an answer. Appointed by Archer, Helix’s techno-genius brother Ethan is in the vanguard of the Prime Minister’s crusade to eliminate all AI from city life. But enigmatic tech entrepreneur Khan Sumerian aided by his pet politician Julian Tope have a different plan. With Archer side-lined and Ethan in their sights they seize their chance. Helix must fight to end Sumerian’s grab for power, liberate the country, save himself and his brother in a gripping tale of high-stakes subterfuge, unyielding sacrifice, and a battle for a future where the choices made will define who we truly are.

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US UK and CA

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