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Wired Rogue

“Kept me up way past my bedtime!” Goodreads. If Jack Reacher and Lisbeth Salander had a black/Thai love child, she would be SOPHIE. Domestic abuse survivor, MMA fighter, brilliant hacker, chronic depressive, Sophie is a complicated woman. Brilliant, sexy cyber vigilante plays mind and crime games with Sophie. Is he friend, foe, or…? Big, bad, rude, loud ex-Special Forces partner Jake Dunn gets in Sophie’s space—and under her skin. Sophie goes off the grid and takes a new identity—but her best friend Agent Marcella Scott is always there for her. Sophie’s yellow lab Ginger is the only companion in her bed—for now. ‘Wired in’ to her computers, tech agent Sophie Ang has been content in her clean, cool tech lab, where she chases criminals online, continuing a dance in the dark with the enigmatic vigilante known as the Ghost. Tumultuous changes eject her from her FBI agency cocoon to the front lines, where she finds herself in partnership with a brave overbearing, larger-than-life ex-Special Forces operative, Jake Dunn. The two climb walls, dodge bullets, free captive children and dig up bodies for a case that might cost her life—and has already taken her badge.

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The Birth of Death

Clues that lead deep beneath the surface. Rituals to summon an ancient power. In a world filled with magic, can good stop a hungry evil? Lieutenant Artimus Atyrmirid feels unsettled. As a talented archer and head investigator for the kingdom, the pragmatic elf tries to brush aside the flaws others claim are infiltrating his picture- perfect realm. But he senses a shift when a breakthrough in a bizarre kidnapping case puts him face to face with a devilish villain. Mage Savannah Sylvanas is on a personal quest for justice. Delighted to be assigned to the rangers’ top investigative squad, the former druid drives herself hard to impress her new leader. And she’s horrified when their venture into an abandoned dwarven mine ends with half the team’s minds corrupted by a lurking darkness. Journeying to the heart of the forest for answers, the duo discovers deadly strife amongst its peoples. And though they manage to rouse an avatar of the creator goddess, Artimus and Savannah find themselves on a desperate timeline to stop the land from falling to its doom.

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American Quarantine- Super Boxset

Dystopian masterminds Roger Hayden and James Hunt bring you their thrilling series “American Epidemic” and “Radioactive” together in this SUPER BOXSET for the first time! These best sellers will have you on the edge of your seat from page one. That’s TWO complete book SERIES at a discounted price! American Epidemic. Greg Atkins is prepper with a mysterious past who lives his day-to-day life as a home security installation man in a quaint suburb in Nevada. Like most Americans, Greg is concerned about the Ebola virus threat in West Africa. And it isn’t soon before the disease begins to spread within the US in an unexplained phenomenon with an advanced strain even more contagious and extreme than before. No one is safe as mass panic erupts across major cities nationwide. It’s up to Greg to use his prepping skills to save himself and those he cares about before the epidemic wipes out everyone in its path. Download the thrilling “American Epidemic” series today!

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