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SciFi and Fantasy

Shadow Island
The stars are her prison. Fate is her escape. Can this relentless young woman outsmart a universe full of hate? Astra would kill for answers. After spending most of her life locked inside her room on an inhospitable planet, the driven seventeen-year-old is thrilled when her twin brother agrees to help her sneak out and interrogate an alien. But her curiosity about what lies beyond the station boundaries shatters when she realizes her parents have been arrested as dangerous insurgents and transported off-world. Swearing to do whatever it takes to make her family whole again, Astra clashes with a mutant beast that leaves her wounded. And after extraterrestrials tell her she must pursue aid from four other isolated, magic-wielding factions, the protective teen grits her teeth to face the impossible task.

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Building Her Majesty’s new airship for the Engineers World Gathering is no small matter. Especially when a groundbreaking discovery is at stake, and dark secrets are lurking in the shadows. In a Neo-Victorian London of mechanical horses and aerial gondotrams, airship engineer Jasper Kendall Asher has a bright future ahead as the youngest member of the Engineers Order and a secret agent in Her Majesty’s service. But a terrible accident brutally changes the course of his career, sending him instead to a dull life as a mechanic among the poor of St. Giles. Three years later, unusual circumstances give him the opportunity to return into service as the main engineer for the Queen’s new airship—and a chance to uncover the truth behind the unfortunate event that changed his life.

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The Blood Covenant
Shade Medici, a warrior king and sole male heir to the dynasty, is expected to mate and produce an heir to secure the continuation of the Medici coven. He’s waited over five hundred years for the right mate, and when he meets Kate Reese, his attraction is more than primal – it’s merciless. She’s also mortal. Kate is fresh off a broken engagement and reluctant to open her heart, but her hesitations are no match for the unrelenting pursuits of the vampire king. Their passion for each other is searing…and not everyone is happy about it. Namely the ruling Council. As they fight against deceit, treachery, and those who aim to see their love fail, Shade also struggles to control his impulses as Kate is immersed into his dark and dangerous world, but it’s imperative he prepare her for the changes that will be demanded of her should she choose to bind herself to him through the blood covenant. All that scorches and glitters isn’t gold, and she quickly learns that falling in love with a vampire comes at a hefty price: It may just cost her everything.

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Boy in the Mirror
Fifteen-year-old Jacqueline Talbot’s boyfriend Mal lives in the mirror of her makeup case. There’s never been anything normal about Jacqueline; not during her time in foster care, and certainly not in her new hometown of Mercy Hills. With rumors of actual monsters in the woods, the popular kids taking an unhealthy interest in her, and the revealing of her own dark past, all Jacqueline wants to do is run away forever with Mal. Too bad he’s trapped in the mirror. But when she learns the ancient forces of the town want to destroy everything she loves, the race is on to free the boy in the mirror, because he just might be the only one who knows how to stop them.

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