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Love is Patient
All her life, Kathryn has known she didn’t belong in the city where she was raised. So when she is offered a teaching position in the small, frontier town of Promise, in the Dakota Territory, she doesn’t hesitate to accept. When she arrives, she knows she’s found the place she belongs. However, she is faced with many obstacles as she proves to her family, and herself, that she is cut out for life out here. The biggest problem she comes up against is in the form of a man who is determined to prove she won’t make it until snowfall. Colt Hammond has no desire to deal with another spoiled city girl who thinks living on the frontier will be a fun little adventure. He did that once, and he won’t make that mistake ever again. Just because she’s living on his property, and teaching at the little schoolhouse where his children will be going, doesn’t mean he has time to look after her until she’s ready to admit defeat and head back home.

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In His Eyes
She’s a woman with a past. He’s a forgiving man. Everything seems perfect…until disaster strikes. Will Applegate is too good for Diana Prescott, given her past. A reckless romance had brought her to Gull Harbor. Pride made her stay. She’s forging a new life for herself when she meets Will. The man charms her with his honest heart and simple dates. How can she refuse an ice cream tour of southern Michigan? Will helps her believe in herself again. She even volunteers for Sunday afternoon dances at the nursing home where he’s the administrator. She can handle guys over seventy with bowties and bald spots. Then an accident takes away the one thing Diana always had going for her. Her delicate blonde beauty. As he helps Diana deal with pain that is more than skin deep, his sister dumps a surly niece on him right before Christmas. But Diana recognizes teen-age abandonment. Can Will and Diana take on this challenge together?

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