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Psychic Undercover
If you love paranormal murder mysteries, vampire romances, and spunky heroines, get ready for a sizzling, spellbinding ride into the world of psychic detective Ariana Ryder. Ariana Ryder’s the rookie on the FBI’s paranormal investigative team in Nashville. She’s too young, too perky, and too immature. (At least according to some people.) She’s only got the job for one reason. She’s a psychic. Her mama’s sure she can do more with her gifts. But what’s more important than solving crimes? Especially this one? The brutal murder of a young woman outside a club. This murderer is just getting warmed up, and Ariana’s sight alone isn’t going to stop him, but the FBI aren’t the only one’s investigating… The jurisdictional battle between the human and supernatural worlds isn’t the only thing boiling over as Ariana’s team and a new ally she shouldn’t trust, but is overwhelmingly attracted to, race to catch the killer before he strikes again, and gets what he really came for.

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Dolphin Bay Cozy Mysteries Boxed Set 2 (Books 4-6)
A heartwarming cozy mystery series about family, friendship and a crusade for justice. 5 stars – ‘Expect chilling danger, unexpected surprises, gripping thrills, romance, laughter, heart touching moments and murder. Recently widowed Anna Butler has finally realized her lifelong dream of opening a cafe. She may even have found love. But the local mayor is still on the warpath and won’t give up her vendetta against the Butlers. Anna knows the only way to shut her up is to figure out who killed John but that’s proving to be difficult. Will she ever be able to discover the truth about what happened to her husband? When Anna’s mother descends on them for Christmas, the Butler family faces another crisis as Nana tries to come to terms with the big secret Anna kept from her. Thankfully, she has a strong support system with her die hard friends, the Firecrackers and the debonair ex-police chief who is the rock she can lean on. Meanwhile, there are murders to be solved and trips to be taken.

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Jack In A Box
WHO DO YOU TRUST WHEN EVERYONE HAS A SECRET? When single mother Rowan joins her Uncle Jack’s detective agency she doesn’t expect his murder to be her first case. To find out who is responsible for his death she will need to solve another mystery, the disappearance of Jack’s best friend 30 years earlier. Someone doesn’t want her digging up the past and they’re prepared to go to any lengths to keep their secrets hidden. Can she stand up to the danger, protect her daughter and bring a murderer to justice? Angela C Nurse was a nominee in the 2021 Crime Fiction Lover Awards – Best Author category

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US UK and CA

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