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The Last Cabin Boxset
A cabin on the outskirts of a city becomes the sanctuary for a mother and her two children during the unfolding crisis of an EMP. Life has hardened Joanna Mercer, and she has spent the past four years since her husband’s death preparing herself against the uncertainties of life. After an EMP destroys the nation’s power grid, every ounce of that strength will be tested. The Last Orchard. When an EMP renders the country impotent, Charlie Decker and a small band of survivors head toward his family’s orchard outside of Seattle. But while food and water is abundant, their safe haven becomes a target not just for the enemy, but anyone looking to survive.

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Congo Variant
Imagine a virus so deadly it could alter the course of human history. In the wrong hands, a bioweapon more destructive than anthrax and smallpox combined. Congo Variant is the new, fast-paced thriller from the author of the best-selling Hurst Chronicles series. Dr. Alice Bishop, a promising rookie in the field of infectious diseases, is assigned to a scientific expedition exploring deep within the Congo rainforest. Her mission: to trace the origins of a mysterious outbreak before war engulfs central Africa. As she descends deeper into the unknown what she finds is more terrifying than anyone dared fear. Half a world away, MI6 operative Blake Harris, embedded in a United Nations inspection team, probes the truth behind Iraq’s weapons program as the Allies’ patience with Saddam Hussein begins to wane. Harris must embark on his most dangerous mission yet searching for evidence in war-torn Iraq before time runs out.

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