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Frozen Homestead
Surviving the apocalypse – one secret at a time.

Inheriting their grandparents’ property after their parents’ death, Penelope Geller and her brothers find an unlikely sanctuary – a bomb shelter. This heart-pounding EMP thriller charts their struggle for survival, brewing tensions, and startling revelations in a world that has lost its power.

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US UK and CA

They Can’t Eat You for Supper
Kristin Murphy doesn’t like change. When a lavish lifestyle and controlling marriage left her broken, she traded the pressures of perfection for her sanity. Today, her southern farmhouse can’t compare to the mansion she left, but her family has peace. Until she’s blindsided. The fog lifts, and she’s separated from two daughters she swore to protect. An ill child relies on Kristin’s medical skills, while luxurious promises lure her teen out of reach. Fighting to remain relevant to them wasn’t something she prepared for, but she’s here now. It’s a familiar psychological hell. Only this time, the stakes are higher. Can Kristin return to being the mother she always wanted, or will she give in to a twisted family past she vowed to bury?

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US UK and CA

Stolen Diary
Jasmin is super smart, but… can she deal with her disengaged mother? when she steals a diary, she’s afraid to return it. Should she keep it? must she act on the secrets she discovers in the journal? Aided by her grandfather, Jasmin retreats into a world of science and music, and while he wants her to become the next Einstein, her heart is set on gaining love and acceptance. You will adore this book because of the escalating secrets that are bound to explode.

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US UK and CA

Salt Girl
What secrets did a lost girl die to keep? When Izzy discovers the body of a teenage runaway under her conservatory, she knows that someone in this village buried a very dark secret. Who is the girl? How was she able to vanish in a place like Seahouses? And why was her grave filled with salt? The police are unable–or unwilling–to investigate a twenty-year-old crime, so Izzy takes matters into her own hands, teaming up with retired schoolteacher Diana to investigate. But Diana’s memory is not what it used to be. Who was the girl she knew all those years ago, and what was she running from? Diana has the answers… if only she could remember them. Will they uncover the secrets that this postcard-perfect village is hiding, or will the truth stay buried forever?

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US UK and CA

Distant Relatives
Her best friend’s mother is getting married and Savannah is overdosing on chocolates and alcohol every chance she gets! What’s a best friend to do but travel with her for the extravagant social event. It figures, just when Morgan Cutler thinks everything is going along as normally as possible, something triggers the dominoes to fall around her. Once again, her world is being turned upside down and she’s in the center of the storm. Some days you have to embrace the chaos in order to survive but Morgan isn’t only dealing with Earthly issues — but Ghostly ones, too! There’s a new ghost who wishes her harm and another spirit is stalking her. Then there’s her ghostly roommates. Jonathan Wilkerson is depressed and inconsolable and his wife, Elisabeth, is worried about him and wants Morgan to help. Gloria, the Good Sam Hospital resident ghost, pressures Morgan to help solve cold cases involving murders, so the dearly departed can enjoy eternal peace. With all this on her plate, it’s a wonder Morgan has time to sleep!

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US UK and CA

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