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Cowboy Looking at Me
Brawley Powers made a mistake he’s regretted for almost eleven years. But he didn’t realize he had a daughter from that night until a stranger comes to town and puts the pieces together. Brawley sees the truth, but he’s not sure if the mother of his daughter even knows who the father is, and whether she does or not, if she’ll let him be a part of her life. He starts an anonymous letter writing campaign to soften her heart, just to pave a path to his little girl, but he finds himself falling for the funny and sweet woman behind her emails she sends back. Can they overcome the mistakes of their past and make a beautiful future together?

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Don’t Call Me Crazy! I’m Just in Love
She believes she’s found the man of her dreams. But what if her mind is playing tricks? Anika Muhammad struggles to trust men. But after meeting a handsome playa in her business course, she unexpectedly falls head over heels. Yet she can’t forgive his once-wandering ways and is paralyzed by paranoia that he must be cheating. Seeking something better, Anika gravitates toward an attractive artist whose religious beliefs open her up to a new spiritual world. But some part of her still wants to marry her smooth-talking ladies’ man, and her desperate choices are driving her to the edge of sanity. Can Anika conquer her inner demons before she loses the guy who truly holds her heart? Don’t Call Me Crazy! I’m Just in Love is the first book in the wild Don’t Call Me Crazy! African-American fiction series. If you like inspirational romance, surprising twists and turns, and pursuing your true self, then you’ll adore Swiyyah Woodard’s powerful novel.

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