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The Bequest
A regency romance with a ticking time clock… Joseph Harwood has a problem: he has seven days to find a bride. If he does, he inherits his deceased uncle’s estate. If he doesn’t, he faces financial ruin and social ridicule. He has his eyes on Lady Rebecca, but his heart longs for her cousin Gwen, who’s out of his reach. Claude also has a problem: he has seven days to prevent his cousin Harwood’s marriage and receive the inheritance he believed would be his. Without the inheritance, he can’t pay off his insurmountable debt and will face servitude or death. His plan is to kidnap Lady Rebecca. What he doesn’t know is that he’ll fall in love with her when he does so. Unbeknownst to both cousins, Claude’s creditor wants the estate for himself and will stop at nothing to get it.

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Holmes Crossing Series
Holmes Crossing is a place you’ll want to hunker down and lose yourself in. These six sweet romance novels will make you yearn for each characters’ happy ending as they deal with loss, family and especially, romance. Start binge reading today! A Place in Her Heart Carolyne Aarsen is one of my “go-to” authors. I know I will enjoy it if she wrote it. I was so happy to have another book to add to the Holmes Crossing series. Each of the books in the series feature complex characters whose journeys toward love take some twists and turns and it is those complications that make the story so good!

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US UK and CA

Her Private Eye Fake Fiancé
A gorgeous detective, a missing friend, and a ticking clock. After her husband’s devastating betrayal and divorce, Lilah is trying to put her life back together. A good job, a charming cottage, and a darling dog help, but they don’t fill the hole in her heart. Crashing into a mysterious stranger on a dark rainy night awakens a spark that will turn her life upside down, but is she ready to trust again? Then Lilah’s best friend suddenly disappears, but every clue becomes a dead-end. When she hires a private detective, Lilah is brought face to face with the stranger she collided with on her walk. Detective Spade might be the one person who can help find missing Amelia, but hiding her growing attraction to the guy will be no easy feat. When an anonymous letter claims Amelia is being held hostage, will they find the clues to bring her home, or will Lilah’s feelings for Sam risk the case and put all of their lives in danger?

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US UK and CA

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